Monday, August 30, 2010

with my new lens

I talked Kody and Megs into letting me shoot a few pics yesterday. So after Sunday dinner we headed on over to Vineyard Park.
Kody protested these are engagement poses. We bossed and shushed him.

Kody and Megs. They are in love.

That Kody. Such a funster.

Lovely Megs. I did mention she is pregnant, right?

Look at me being all artsy fartsy. I call it 'Shadow Sprout'.

I told Kody a really funny joke. We are all friends now.

Swinging in a swing. Original, eh? Megs pulls it off well.

Lame engagement photos notwithstanding, you guys are pretty cute.


Megs said...

thanks for taking these, mom! They turned out great!

lacy lee said...

These are fabulous!