Friday, August 20, 2010

once upon a time

Lately Cate has taken to spinning her own yarns.
It goes something like this:
My sitter (sister) go doc-cur (doctor) and cry. (at this point she fakes crying)
Geh a shot. (she demonstrates)
Monser (monster) come give Maa-ee (Maddie) ban-aye (bandaid).
THE END. (pronounced loudly and enthusiastically)

Then she claps her hands in delight and says,
Yur turn, toots.
(Yes, my grandchild calls me Toots. Story for another day.)

And then I make up a story. About baboons or stars or the park.
And then she takes a turn.

The early childhood experts all say that when children create their own stories they are demonstrating their understanding of narrative. And it is one way children share about their lives. I get that. But mostly it’s just great fun.

I am happy the wheels of imagination have started to turn in her head. I am happy she is learning the power and freedom of writing/telling her own story. Because if she can continue to do that then it won’t be a stretch, when she is older, to live her own story as well. She will learn to imagine and see herself in all kinds of narratives. And when that happens a strong sense of self can’t be far behind.

Did I mention before this children’s lit site? The Baldwin project
It’s pretty great. Stories I can re-tell and adapt when it’s snuggle-quiet-time on Grandma’s lap.

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