Sunday, August 1, 2010

what i learned at church today

Sometimes what is said over the pulpit is deeply profound. Not always, but today, yes.

A handsome young man in our ward got up towards the end of the meeting to bear his testimony. I confess I had mostly tuned him out as I was making a to do list. But then my ears perked up.

Handsome young man: ..When I was new to this ward I thought the Bishop was kind of shy. Seems like he didn't talk much. But I'm here to tell you all, the Bishop is A STUD. If you need to talk to him, do it.

Whoa. The Bishop is a stud. Indeed. I had the spirit confirm to me the truthfulness of that statement.

Studly Bishop, in all his studliness:

Can I get an amen?


Megs said...

hallelujah amen!

Lindsay said...

I'll leave a second witness...Amen!!