Friday, August 9, 2013

giddy up, lil' cowpoke readers

We had our Reading Roundup party with Faye and Emerson while we were there.  Didn't want them to miss out. Faye was totally into the cowgirl thing.

Emers, not so much. This was the only pic where he didn't rip his hat off.

He did, however, enjoy the cow roping.

And the cow toss. Now, that was great fun.

New books were given out 

and enjoyed.

Faye and Emer were given their cowpoke dolls. Whoa, Nelly.

We sang multiple renditions of Trot 'Ol Joe and then finished off our doins' with these

Faye and Emer, we had such fun celebrating our SRC with you. 

Way to lasso them thar' books. 

grandparenting. such a great gig.

Back from visiting our Wisconsinites. They are crazy special to us. 

Our grandies make regular silly billies out of us. 

Yup. They do.