Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You Are Cordially Invited

Lindsay came around last Saturday and we had a nice visit. I am sorry that things took an unexpected turn for her but I am not sorry that she is back in America as she brightens so many lives with her fun personality and quick wit.

While we were chatting each other up we discussed the possibility of a fam BM club. Whoa, there. Not that kind. BM as in Book and Movie club. We decided that all the Arnett females (and that includes all the Cliff Arnett wimmen, as we are tryin’ to lure you out of the shadows into the full light of blogdom) would be automatically enrolled. The men however will have to earn their membership.

Lindsay said I could be president, so I am. Here’s how it works. We watch a movie and read a book. And then we discuss. It’s really simple. Oh, and we eat while we discuss. We’ll call it the BM Snacker. Now, I realize that we are scattered far and wide and not all can attend the BM Snacker meetings, that is why we have cyberspace to communicate. Lacy, Dev, Chea, Chan, Heidi, Wendy, and yes, even you, Jackie are cordially invited to join us and leave comments. And when we are in town we can have the Snacker meetings on your turf. So whaddya say? Who’s in?

Since I am the president the first movie we will be required to watch is....drum roll here...North and South. Natch.

As far as the book for this month.....hmmmm...eeny meeny miney mo....I choose Dana to name the book.** See, isn’t this fun?

So, there you have it. We will be readin’ and watchin’ and then gettin’ together the end of May or first of June for our big BM. Er, I mean, Snacker. Brush up on all your pert opinions, ladies. This will be some fun club.

*Remember this is not the North and South with Patrick Swayze but the one produced by the BBC and is 4 hours long, with Richard Armitage (what a Yum!) and Daniela Somebody.

**Quick, Dana. Name the book.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

News Flash: New Movie to Love

There’s a line in the movie Finding Forrester where Forrester tells Jamal ‘the key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time’.

ld proved this to be true as he surprised me last week with Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters on DVD. Included in the package was a copy of North and South, by the same author. Ld scored big points for this as I have wanted to see this movie, that is North and South, for a long, long time. Oh my. Ladies! You must see this. It is right up there with P & P. In fact, I’m going to be so bold as to pronounce it part of the family movie canon.

So revise your list, girlies. It should now look like this:

1) A & E’s 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice. This goes without saying. Darcy is a yum. No true A.S.S female can claim herself worthy of the name if she hasn’t seen this multiple times and can quote dialogue from it in daily conversation. As Lindsay says, ‘we should all liken P & P unto ourselves’.

2) North and South by the BBC. It’s 4 hours long and simply splendid. Notice what number it occupies on the list. English accents, richly drawn characters and dark and scowling Mr. Thornton. Despite John’s best efforts he can’t overcome his love for the fiesty, spirited Margaret Hale. Ah, and something else: running all through it is Elizabeth’s wry societal observation and the need for social change. Great stuff.

3) Strictly Ballroom. Ken Railings. ‘Son, can I bend your ear a tick?’. Pan Pacific Grand Prix Championships, ‘a life lived in fear’, Tina Sparkle, blah blah blah...you gotta love it.

4) Emma (the Gwyneth Paltrow version is okay but I prefer the Kate Beckingsale version)

Those are the top 4 and pretty much the essential movies if you are going to thrive in any female Arnett conversation. Which prompts me to suggest that our upcoming reunion be theme based. Forget Lake Powell, forget the Shakespeare festival. Can we not all participate in a re-enactment of one of these stories? And if not a reunion, then how about an afternoon tea? Give it some serious thought.

As Caroline Bingley would say, “let me encourage you to pay heed to all my assertions”. North and South. See this movie now. I own a copy. BE VERY JEALOUS.