Thursday, August 5, 2010

music links you'll want to visit

Our Cate, musical genius that she is, before she was one. Impressive, eh? he he he
This from How music affects your child's brain,,6wk0,00.html?arrivalSA=1&cobrandRef=0&arrival_freqCap=2

Music speaks in a language that children instinctively understand. It draws children (as well as adults) into its orbit, inviting them to match its pitches, incorporate its lyrics, move to its beat, and explore its emotional and harmonic dimensions in all their beauty and depth. Meanwhile, its physical vibrations, organized patterns, engaging rhythms, and subtle variations interact with the mind and body in manifold ways, naturally altering the brain in a manner that one-dimensioned rote learning cannot. Children are happy when they are bouncing, dancing, clapping, and singing with someone they trust and love. Even as music delights and entertains them, it helps mold their mental, emotional, social, and physical development -- and gives them the enthusiasm and the skills they need to begin to teach themselves.

There's so much written about the value of music education in children (and adults, too). Have another:

So why did you stop practicing, eh? If you are looking for free downloadable sheet music then you'll want to know about:
Free public domain sheet music library
It's a wiki of free sheet music! Public domain, that is... which pretty much covers every publication up to the 1920's.
Click on petrucci music library takes you to the free public domain sheet music library
Just click on the composer for the pdf.

If you have beginning piano students in your home, then you'll want to visit:
Free sheet music
Great resource for parents, students, teachers. Look around.
Free manuscript paper
Rhythm cards, how to count.

For more advanced piano players:
Free Christmas sheet music as well as other genres.

No secret there are tons of these kinds of sites. Here's a few more:
Includes pop sheet music.
Pop again.
More pop
More classical and pop

And now for the lds free sheet music scene. Here are a few music sites with some music suitable for ward Choirs as well as piano solos. Hope it helps.

1) This is an awesome site. Probably the best known, I'm sure you've already discovered her. Totally copyright free and no charge. Lots of original church music and even better some great hymn arrangments (only the link I provided is saying oops. But you can still click on the links on the site to get where you need to go. I'll update later):

2) Linda Pratt site. Click on the download section:

3) Free lds sheet music and resources for Choirs:

4) Not as popular as Sally deFord but has some good arrangements:

5) Joan Sowards site:

6) This one mostly commercial but scroll down there are a few arrangements that are free:

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