Monday, September 6, 2010

what kind of mormon are you?

It goes without saying I have Liahona leanings. Ld is an Iron Rodder (shocker, I know.) Just different mindsets, both needed and useful in the kingdom.

Here's another. I am a huge Eugene England fan. I first read this years ago and it really turned the page on my thinking. Made me less critical and much more tolerant of fellow members.

And then this. Robert Kirby. You know, the humorous newspaper columnist that writes for the Tribune. This column, written years ago, is hilariously biting.

Despite the low number of certifiable GMs, nearly all Mormons think this is the kind of Mormon they are.

All the above reading is good stuff. But even after reading it all I don’t think any of us can really categorize or label one another or ourselves. Working out our own salvation is such an individual thing. The only real label worth striving for or that really matters is still the scriptural one: Disciple.

By posting these links you might question my devotion. You needn’t worry. My commitment remains solid. I am posting them because each of these essays/articles, read at a crucial time in my life, helped me. I want to remember. That’s all.


Anonymous said...

A couple of thoughts questions. Is it possible to be both a Liahona and an Iron Rodder at the same time? Also, is it possible to have a Liahona attitude on some doctrine and principles and be an Iron Rodder on others? If so, what does that make us -- fence sitters, luke warm, not concecrated enough? Is obedience enough or do we have to sacrifice for the greater blessing? For some, obedience is sacrifice.
Do Iron Rodders tend to be more conservative politcally and espouse those opinions and intermingle them with gospel principles. Conversely, do Liahonites tend to be more liberal?
After reading the sermon completely, I think Rodders and Liahonites have more in common than they think. On some basic or sub-level both types of Mormons revert back to a feeling, impression or dare I say personal spiritual experience which allows them to function within the church. Which essentially makes us all Irononas.

cs said...

JLA, you are funny. And deep. You should start blogging again.