Wednesday, September 29, 2010

oh, that Cate

Yesterday morning Kenz brought the girls by. Cate came with Nephi and Tarzan, her latest imaginary friends. And woe be unto anyone who eats their portion of candy corn!

At naptime Kenz put her into the spare room crib. She’s quite familiar with this as she has spent countless sleepovers and naptimes here. She did the usual talking to herself but for whatever reason wouldn’t settle down and nap.

Pretty soon we hear her holler:
Here’s da deal, k?
I clime outta my kib (crib) and din I turn into a REAL LIVE BOY!
Okay, Mom?

Yup, we have been reading Pinnochio around here lately. Is it any wonder my grand daughter and I get along famously? She reads stuff and makes the most randomly odd connections.

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