Wednesday, January 30, 2013

facetime playtime

Faye: C'mon, Geema. Come play.

My screen goes all upside-down and sidewise crazy.

All I can see is light blue now.

Me: Help! Help! Let me out. I so scared.

Faye giggles and jabbers.

She opens the door to her play microwave and takes 'me' out.

Whew. What a relief.

This is how facetime with Faye goes. She wants me to play with her so she puts me, (meaning her Mom's iPhone with me on FaceTime) inside her toys. Sometimes I'm in her kitchen cupboard, or a pot, sometimes in the microwave.

And then I holler for Faye to rescue me.

Good times. And an improvement.

She used to put me in Emer's play shopping cart and haul me all around. I would get so dizzy, let me tell ya. So glad I'm not her doll.

Can't wait to play with Faye and her brother soon in person. Next Friday, people. Next Friday.


Fat panda said...

hahaha so funny! so soon to see them, so soon~~~

Megs said...

she LOVES doing this and just so you know, asks to call you daily.