Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review

Well. That book done closed.

Some favorite chapters:

No more droopy eye. Successful Lasik surgery. Goodbye contacts and glasses!

Family road trips to Las Vegas, Arizona, Utah Shakes and Zions.

Parades, birthdays, holidays, BBQ's, picnics, hikes, Sunday dinners, family celebrations. All made sweeter with the people I love.

Wicked, Les Miz, and South Pacific. Concerts, plays and books. Oh, yes.

More churchin', covenants and callings. Ld released from BYU. New callings for both of us. Yea, Nursery! Yea, grumpy ole' high priests!

Racking up frequent flyer miles exploring Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Madison, Green bay! Oh, and Chicago. Twice.

Relatively good health, having a niece and nephew live with us for a short time (love them!), and discovering Instagram.

Conflicted chapters, or pages I wish I could skim right over:

Our Megs, Kody, Faye and Emerson moving so far away. So. Hard.

Watching ld remain loyal and strong as his parents slowly slip away. So. Hard. Too.

Yeah, those two chapters are emotional tear jerkers.

But, as ld and I close the book on the year 2012, it's good to take an account. As in all good books read, I will find myself trying to process it in the days ahead.

And once again I am reminded that we live in days. When life is good, normal days are the best and then we knit or string those days together and make a year. A year with it's memories, meaning, and hard stuff. It's all there written between the pages.

And then we get to the end.

And begin a new book, a new year.

This one is already starting out good, people. With a new grand baby coming in February, lots to be excited about.

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lacy lee said...

Happy New Year, Aunt! Love you!