Friday, October 15, 2010

yet another baby shower

(Click to enlarge, people. I want you to see all the pink cardboard crafting and gingerbread giraffes. Yeah, I dream in pink, too:)

Whoo Whee. Friends and family whooped it up last night. We ate, played games* and guests shared prepared advice on all things maternal. Breastfeeding successfully, the low down on eco friendly and cost effective diapering, and a quick recipe for a new mommy - it was all delightfully dispensed.

My fav advice from the evening and a direct quote from Lexie: My advice is don't ask me for advice as I don't have any knowledge whatsoever about mother matters.
Our bookworm Lindsay gave some great reading tips on how to interject girl power morals into fairy tales. A little embellishment and extra dialogue is key.
Then Aunt Kathy shared her tips on the medicinal and psychological value of breaking open a bag of chocolate chips to relieve stress. Uh, Kath. You forgot to mention how cathartic spooning and dipping directly into a box of cake mix is, too. Not that you used to do that. he he he
Penee didn't disappoint either. Her category of "How to put on pantyhose when you are 9 months pregnant" was informative and useful. And hilarious. You had to have been there. Oh, Arnett wimmen. You are all wonderfully endearing.

Other exciting shower news:
We recruited ld to babysit for the evening as Brig had to unexpectedly work. ld appeared to have everything in control upstairs when all of a sudden we heard a thud and a baby crying. Kenz and I rushed upstairs. Maddie had fallen off the bed and ld had her in his arms trying to soothe her. He appeared quite flustered and distraught. Before I could say or accuse him of anything like how could you let Maddie fall off the bed for heaven sake you nincompoop ld beat me to the punch and blurted out "in my defense I was dealing with something big" and then pointed to Cate. She had pooped (um, diarrhea to be exact) all over herself and had left a trail, if you know what I mean. ld in his frantic assessment of the situation had pushed Maddie far back on Cate's bed and was attempting to help Cate. In his anxiety he apparently forgot that Maddie can crawl and is quite mobile and therefore plunged to the ground. Whoo whee such drama. But even that mishap couldn't marr the evening and gratefully our tough Maddie recovered. Good man, that ld.

I love the whole baby shower thing. A group of family and friends coming together to celebrate and show support for the coming of a new life. It is a sweet little tradition that exemplifies sisterhood and family at its best. Thanks family and friends of Meghan, you're awesome.

It is a major faux paux on my part that I neglected to get many pictures of those attending, Megs especially. Too busy chatting it up, I suppose. Kudos to ld's mother and sister driving down from Ogden. We hadn't seen them in ages.

One final note. The banner is in French. Appropriate, no? Meghan and her hubs speak French. And wondering about the giraffe theme, eh? Well, we went with that because, well, because Kody is Tall. This was a shower fraught with symbolism. he he he

*I'll post more about the games later.

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Megs said...

your camera is amazing. you took much better pics then i fact, I just might steal these for my blog. ;0)
THANK YOU {and to Kenz too} for such an AMAZING shower!!! It was to-die-for cute!!!