Saturday, October 2, 2010

just ducky

Yesterday afternoon in the dentist chair nearing the end of my root canal.

Dentist (ld’s cousin): It’s good you came in, given the amount of infection we cleaned out in there, I’m surprised you weren’t in a lot of pain.

Me: Yeah, we’ll I’m tough, I guess.

Dentist: Seriously, as bad as it was your jaw should have swollen up like a baseball. You didn’t have any symptoms at all?

Me: Well, I haven’t felt exactly right, whatever that means. And I haven’t been eating on that side of my mouth for like a month.

Dentist: Hmm. Your body most have been churning out the white blood cells for sure, trying to fight it. That’s good.

Me: I guess. Maybe that’s why I’ve felt like I've been 'nibbled to death by ducks’ lately. You know, exhausted, overwhelmed and easily annoyed, eh?

Dentist: (Pats me on the arm) Well, hopefully this will help. We’ll know in a couple of weeks and then if all goes well, we’ll put a crown on it.

Me: (Softly): Quack, quack.

Dentist: What’s that?

Me: Er, nothing. (I smile) Thanks for your good work.

Dentist: (Pats my arm again) We’ve shot you with antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory and we’ll give you something for the pain before you go. See 'ya soon.

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Tucson. Summer '09. Harmless fun. Until they nibble and chase. And bite you on the butt.