Thursday, October 7, 2010

a party for 'lil sprout

Kody’s family threw Meghan a baby shower Tuesday night. It was a lovely evening with great food, great conversation and hilarious entertainment! The Sweet Pea theme was fitting for ‘lil Sprout, eh? Everyone was assigned to bring a favorite easy recipe for a new mommy and share it in a creative way. Thus we enjoyed cooking demonstrations to rival anything on TV. Good times!

Oh, and Kayci (Kody’s lovely sister) had the most clever idea for an activity. She baked sugar cookies in the shape of baby shoes and then provided frosting, sprinkles, fruit roll ups, etc and had us decorate them to suit our fancy. Winners (all of us!) received chocolate. Mmmm. Such a clever idea and we all enjoyed decorating, chatting and licking frosting.

The website she used for this, found here:

So many wonderful gifts. Kody’s family are such kind and generous people. We love them.

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Megs said...

love this collage. you've got some skillz, mumsie! ;)