Monday, October 4, 2010

greet the day with a song

I was once a Gaynote in Primary, complete with cool green Bandlo and a cross stitched sampler that read "Greet the day with a song, make others happy, and serve gladly." That old timey wisdom still holds true for me when I let it. It's a little cloudy this morning, but I'm greetin' the day with a song.

Where troubles melt like lemon drops and even if they don't it's a wonderful world.

More about those cross stitched samplers of my Primary days:


Anonymous said...

Your nephew and your brother are forming a Mormon reggae band. They will call it Mo-gae. It's not quite like Gaynote, but maybe they can sing some gae notes. One of their hit singles is called "Liahona show us the way". It's very catchy in it's own way. They are also working on a Bob Marley insipired rendition entitled "Danite Soldier". For those that might be offended by the band's name some alternatives have been suggested such as Regg-mo, or Relief Socieggae and the Pastaferrians.

cs said...

Seriously, JlA. Get back to blogging.