Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What election?

Politics has always fascinated me, so imagine my horror when a couple of my children said they might not vote in November due to a) lack of interest in the candidates and b) ignorance of the issues. Their justification for both is that school and life prevent them from reading much news. I’m not really blaming them, their time is limited and the media, quite frankly, has really behaved disgustingly lately. But, kiddos, that’s still no excuse. For the love of Pete, please don’t scare me with such sentiments. Inform yourself and vote or I will count myself as no kind of mother at all.

Here’s a valuable site. Bookmark it. Think. Choose. Vote.



ABC Process Server said...

I want to encourage all to vote for Obama and we will clean up this mess...dont forget to vote for Obama-Biden...and the honey will flow.

Kodison said...

FYI Belle Ma, I'm a registered voter in the great (and traditionally Democrat) state of Wisconsin, and I am going to vote.

As an up-and-coming economist, I am all FOR trade... Free trade and lots of it. Obama is not, therefore, I am not for Obama.

Oh Mitt, Where for art thou Mitt? :)