Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Monday recommendations

Hey, loved ones, came across some interesting reading recently and thought of you. Consider it a measure of my love for you that I feel compelled to share.

For Kody, a little insight into Fanhood.

For BG, explains why you believe the Lost Tribes of Israel are on the moon.

NannyJanny, duh.

For ld:
Consider purchasing one of these, the quality of your lunches will improve dramatically.

Megs, if you're looking for sumpin' to read, how 'bout: "The Dead" by James Joyce (from The Dubliners) (can read it online)

And Kenz, that whole motherhood thing. Not only does a woman have an expandable body but becoming a mommy changes how you think, too.

Enjoy, fam.

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Never say Whoa in a horse race...