Sunday, September 14, 2008

A.S.S. Turkey Trot

It's no secret I started a walk/run program in an effort to lessen the aches, stiffness and pain I feel every time I move. Also, in an attempt to stem the tide of my rapidly deteriorating brain cells. It's not about wanting to look good, people. We are way past that. No. I simply want energy enough to be able to walk to the mailbox daily. Oh. And I want to do a river rafting trip next summer with some friends. There is that.

Anyhoo. When Lacy was here last all the Arnett's gathered for a little Sunday night dessert bar. The conversation came around to running and about the upcoming 5k on Thanksgiving morning. I threw my hat in the ring. Yup. I will be joining Dana, Lacy, Lids, Lexie and whoever else. No comments, please from all you nay sayers who say I can't do it (and you know who you are). Remember I wrote down what you said on a piece of paper (and you watched me do it) and I CAN'T WAIT to make you eat it when I'm successful. Would you like ketchup or syrup on it, sir?

2nd Anyhoo. So, yesterday I returned HB's phone call. You all knew, of course, that he finally went to the Doctor (first time in like 17 years) and was diagnosed with diabetes. Shocker, I know. Not like there's a hereditary connection or anything, is there? So, HB has taken up exercising too and as he told me, 'the Doctor said if you want to get mean you can beat this diabetes thing'. Apparently HB has decided to get mean and his competitive A.S.S. has come out. The gist of our conversation yesterday consisted of this:

HB: I'm gonna run with you all on Thanksgiving day. I'm gonna whip everyone's butts. I can beat all Arnett wimmen combined. I have the highest I.Q. I am a mean, tough man. You should be scared.

Me: Whatever. You're on, dude. I ain't scirred of you. Bring it on.

Now I am sharing this with you all because HB wanted me to. He wanted me to publicize his outlandish, braggadocio taunts as only a true A.S.S. person would.

So, there you have it. Arnett Wimmens Unite! We can so kick his hiney on this. This is turning out to be just the motivation I have needed. C'mon, rellys. Get off the couch and train with us. Thanksgiving morning. A 5K.

(By the way, what is a 5K, exactly?)


Lindsay said...

It's most definitely on, I love a family run and the competition just makes it more exciting. I know you can do it Candy, because I did it. Not to worry a 5k is only 3 miles. The first time I ran one I thought it was 4.

I'm even more excited for Thanksgiving now :)

Megs said...

hey I am so running too. although I haven't got much time to train but i'll definitely be running (or walking...). I'm in, I'm sooooo in!!

Devry said...

I will watch this race for sure! I'm so glad I will be there to witness the family run. I'll be too fat to run myself, but maybe next year!