Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Sueños de noche

It’s no secret I have insomnia. Have had it for years. Before you go prescribing home remedies of herbal tea let me stop you right there and assure you I so have a handle on it. It’s all part of this menopausal crapola. I’m sorry to offend the sensitivities and sensibilities of my male readers but there it is.

Pre-menopausal symptoms include insomnia, as in early waking, as in from 2:00 am on. That’s the lot for the normal woman suffering through it. But as we have daily proof, I am not nor never have been normal. So I get the version of meno where you never sleep on most nights and then on the nights that you do get to enjoy really bizarre techno color dreams. As in they are so wacky that even for a dream I lie there thinking, “must wake up this is just too weird and in no possible scenario or other planet could this be happening”.

So last night was one of those. Dreams I mean. It involved Jesse James and Owen Wilson and Opie Taylor. Oh and me. And get this: I was the sane one. Anyhoo, we were all at the Salt Lake Temple involved in a shoot out. This dream never resolved, I just finally woke up but I am so hoping that not one part of it is even remotely real as it is very disheartening to envision the Salt Lake Temple decorated predominately in red and with Saloon doors.

This dream somewhat alters my To Do list.


1. Visit the sick and afflicted.

2. Visiting Teaching Report .

3. Teach piano. (Secure my piano garland:)

4. Fix dinner, clean toilet, miss Meghan, practice with Kenz, hug Jantzen and text Brig a quote.

5. Do temple work for Ron Howard. (Jesse James’ work has already been done.


Lacy E. (as in Eloise, formerly Lee) said...

I do love a good insight into menopause!

jla said...

I too have insomnia and have technocolor dreams although mine are about Annie Oakley and Jackie Chang. Does that mean I have womenopause?

Lindsay said...

up in the middle of the night? Then clearly the best remedy is to talk to your niece who is 7 hours ahead of you in Ireland. I'll call you and we'll figure something out.

Love you!

KA said...

I'm not a niece, so we'll see if I get tarred and feathered for making a comment. But I was just wondering, do you think it's a coincidence that these are the same sorts of dreams one has when pregnant?

cs.arrnett said...

ka, no coincidence at all. Wacky,highly imaginative, and sometimes bizarre dreams are hormonally related. Or so I've read. It doesn't help if you're crazy to begin with. Not that you are.