Wednesday, December 27, 2006

If, Then...

If you eat 8 pieces of Sees candy, 6 chocolate eclairs (the little baby ones from Costco, okay?), and a sliver of pumpkin pie (because pumpkin is afterall a vegetable) and you eat this all for breakfast, you will get sick. Very sick.

If you do it again, for 3 days straight, you will hate yourself.

And because you now hate yourself, you will have to take drastic measures. Like eliminate the temptation.

Which is why for the 4th day running now I have gobbled down 2 boxes of See’s, most of the Costco Chocolate Cream puffs and the chocolate covered macadamia nut things not to mention the neighbor’s cheese ball and the peppermint nougats I swiped from GB’s stocking.

I had to do this. Get rid of it all. Just so I wouldn’t be tempted.


ld said...

We have Sees candy? We have chocolate eclairs? We have cream puffs?

What?…what"s that you're saying…had?…Had!!!!

Oh well, nevermind…there's always next year.

Lacy E. (as in Eloise, formerly Lee) said...

I, too, have taken such measures to eliminate the temptations. However, now I find myself scavenging desperately for any scrap of temptation I can get my hands on.