Friday, November 30, 2012

boo hoo

Couple of days ago, I was whining explaining to Megs over facetime why I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.*

It gets ugly when I'm in a foul mood. My kids know this.

Me: My computer is running soooo slow, my sewing machine is busted (projects! projects), I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet and my knee hurts. I am so depressed.

Meghan with muffled voice: Fir-wor-probs

Me: What?

Meghan (Speaking clearly now and daring to state the obvious): Those are first world problems, Mom.

Oh. Yes. Right.

As google tells me, "First World Problems, also known as "White Whine," are frustrations and complaints that are only experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries. It's a comedic device to make light of trivial inconveniences..." and as sometimes happens with humor, it can carry great truth.

It did and does sober me a bit to know that many third worlders would roll their eyes at my complaints.

So I have a new code for perspective now, to take the place of my old mantra to ld, 'It's not cancer, dude!' When things don't go my way, when an appliance breaks, or the store runs out of my preferred brand (Cup of Golds!) or when I have to inconveniently visit a doctor or dentist, look for my finger to shoot up. No, not that finger. The pointer one, the one that signifies number one. The finger that reminds me of all the choices and privileges I have in my life and to knock off all that myopic petulance.

*from one of my fav books. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day by Judith Viorst

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Megs said...

hey now. I didn't mean offense. just merely making light of your "complaints". ;0) Love you, Mumsie dear. And will listen to your problems any day. xoxo