Monday, December 3, 2012

vintagely counting down

I started making these last year for the grandies but with all the trauma surrounding Meghan and Emerson, not to mention planning a wedding, well, it had to be put on hold.

Finally delivered Cate and Maddie's on Saturday. (Faye and Emer: Grandma is stitching frantically, hoping to get yours mailed in a day or two).

These advent calendars are based on the one I had as a child. My Grandma Rose Clifford gave me one, it was a hot selling item at her annual Relief Society Bazaar. I had eyed it longingly and she put one aside for me.


Megs said...

Ooooo I can't wait to get this!!! stitch! stitch! stitch!! :)

Mackenzie said...

And it has made two of your granddaughters very very happy. Everyday they fight over who gets to put the new ornament on.

lacy lee said...

Penee gave me one of these last year. It's the highlight of Penelope's every day in December!