Saturday, November 24, 2012

we give thanks

Some years our challenges, difficulties or pain simply won't allow for a gratitude mind-set. Other years our blessings out number our problems - it's easier then to count our blessings. Our later years begin to teach us how essential living with awareness and perspective is to feeling peacefully thankful.

For the record, this year the cup over floweth. Sometimes we are blessed in spite of ourselves.

Cate was thrilled with the prospect of a little Thanksgiving play. She offered up a detailed description of what her costume should be and there were to be no deviations.

Don't you want any feathers or beading? No, Pocahontas didn't wear any.

Look, I delicately tried to explain, Pocahontas wasn't actually involved with the First Thanksgiving, to which Cate replied: It's a play, Gamma. I want to be Pocahontas. Thank you, Disney.

As for Maddie, she steadfastly refused to wear the costume I so lovingly made her. It was Strawberry Shortcake or nothing. She did enthusiastically consent to beat her drum and joined in with the dancing.

Cate also contributed to our Thanksgiving dramatization by composing the musical score. During appropriately deemed moments she would burst into song. She sang with so much heart and sincerity it brought us all to laughter tears.

As she sang so poignantly

When life gives you hard,...

Clearly, she took something from the Pilgrim experience. You had to have been there.

A sweet day with those I love most, minus our beloved Milwaukeans. I am left in no doubt, however, that their own celebration was successful, as Megs and I talked about twelves times throughout the day. It was her first attempt at turkey making.

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Megs said...

Oh what I would give to have Cate sing me those songs right now...and to have seen that Thanksgiving play. Missssssssss you! And thank ye kindly for your turkey help, it was a success!