Thursday, June 28, 2012

sunday with the staples

A crazy day of churchin'. Meghan had to teach primary and talk in church. Faye had a hard time in nursery so just hung out with her daddy. Emmer and I hung out together in relief society. And ld was happy to discover that a cousin he grew up alongside and went to school with is a member of Meghan's ward. Even better, she's Megs visiting teacher. I'm happy to know there is someone to look after her and call if she needed to.

A few pics then.
Meghan protested vehemently when I snapped this pic. "Not at church, Mom". Whatever. I took it anyway.

It occurs to me that I didn't get any shots of Faye. She was there, though. And she busted out the cutest grandkid move when she stood up on the church bench and shouted out "Mommy!" to her Mom speaking at the pulpit. She followed that up by blowing her a huge kiss.

Oh yes. Remarkable, I know.

Love this little family.

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Fat panda said...

Happy for Meghan to find some friends also family there. Also Emerson is a big boy now, so cute!