Saturday, June 30, 2012

guadium #99,995

The last two days have been a frantic frenzy. Jiao came out to help me and we pulled it off. Cate and Maddie were adorable and won their 3rd trophy. It's not the Tournament of Roses but still a children's parade is a pretty sweet thing. The marching bands, the balloons, clowns, the sirens and colors. Delightful.

A few pics of our adorable grand kidlets. Oh how ld and I are missing our Faye and Emer. Our eagles nest is not complete without them.

I know. Enough already.


Megs said...

It turned out GREAT! Sad we missed it.

Fat panda said...

It was a nice day to celebrate with children. Cate and Maddie were the cuttest eagles I've ever seen. Also the candys are so sweet ;)