Monday, June 4, 2012

happy birthday milwaukeans!

We miss these two terribly. And their children. Birthday wishes are flying in the wind to you, even as I type this. Open your door and breathe them in. Smell and feel the love.

Happy birthday you two. You're amazing.


Fat panda said...

They are amazing couple, share the same birthday, celebrate the same birthday to their children. Even we are not stay with them together, but we can give them the best birthday wishes as usual. "Happy Birthday~~~!!!"

Megs said...

wow. that is a really old photo. I was "thin" and Kody was young... ;) lol

I actually tried to wear that dress yesterday and laid on my side on the floor while Kody tried to jam the zipper up. No, not because I'm THAT hefty but because the zipper is stupid. The zipper is now broken. :(

Thanks for the birthday wishes. WE MISS YOU AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! Now hurry up and come visit. ;)