Monday, May 14, 2012

I can live for two months on a good compliment. --Mark Twain

Yesterday, sitting in RS before the meeting began, the President gently tapped me on the shoulder and handed me this:
She whispered, “the sisters did this in a Relief Society activity a couple of months ago and I keep forgetting to give it to you”. And then she was off to the front to of the room. I glanced down at the paper and started to read. What? It slowly dawned on me what this was, I had seen stuff like this on Pinterest (☺) but it still didn’t quite register. I got up and went to the front of the room. I tapped the Pres on the shoulder and asked for clarification. She explained that it was part of a Use your Words for Good theme our RS had been trying to emphasize and one of the activities had been thinking of words that describe each sister. A creative computer skilled sister then compiled them into a little handout.
I thanked her, returned to my seat and tried not to let the tears show. Don’t know if it was a combination of being Mother’s day and all the emotion that goes with that or if it was all the positivism jumping from the page but I was just so touched. Believe me I am well aware of words that could be used to describe me. Words like messy, scatterbrained, distracted, moody, impulsive, blah blah blah. I am reminded daily of those. But can I just tell you what a lift it was to read something else. And even if the words they chose are not wholly true I want to make them true. I want to live like they describe me. You better believe there is power in words. And if we use them for good they really can soothe and motivate and even validate. Don’t be surprised when you see this idea passed on. Guess what you’re all getting for your birthday.


Anonymous said...

and all of those things are very very true. love you mom.

Megs said...

what a beautiful gift. and yes, Mom, all those things ARE true.