Friday, May 25, 2012

hooray for birthdays

Happy Birthday in Chinese. Jiao said I got the symbols right. Whew. The lemon cake she requested and another pinata creation. Appropriate since she goes by 'the coolest fat panda'
Cake ablaze. She huffs and puffs and blows the cake down. :)
More fun. Maddie is wearing my robe belt as a scarf. Yeah, she's different, that one. :)
Oh, and ld entertained us all with his jumping magic fleas. Cate and Maddie were thrilled.
And this is why gift-giving to Jiao is a great thing.


Megs said...

Oh, i'm so sad we couldn't be there. Especially for the piƱata ;)

Fat panda said...

haha, oooh~~~ I looked scary:D It was a wonderful day, I will keep the happiness until next year's birthday!;)