Saturday, April 9, 2011

there are no new steps!

Last night found ld and I sitting in the Marriott Center watching BYU's Ballroom Dance Company in Concert. A few of our BYU ward members are in the company. They are good, I will give them that. But the whole time I couldn't help reminiscing about our family obsession with the film Strictly Ballroom. Do you remember, people? How many times did we watch and quote this movie?

If I remember right Kenz and the twins dressed up in ballroom finery and went as Tina Sparkle for Halloween one year. Oh, yes. The memories.

Ken Railings and the Pan Pacifics. A life lived in fear and all that stuff. The bogo pogo.


Listen to the rhythm. Don't be scared.

Son, can I bend your ear a tick?
I loved this film. Still do.


Megs said...

Oh yes! Strictly all-time classic. Lets what it this weekend.

lacy lee said...

Such good stuff. I love family cult classics!

"Ken owns Spa-O-Rama!"