Monday, April 25, 2011

Arnett 'Eggs' travaganza

Good food, good company. It's a sweet and meaningful tradition for our family. Some photos then, from Saturdays annual egg hunt and hat parade.

H.B. held off on mowing his lawn for a couple of hours so the eggs would be harder to find. Nice guy. The men hid the eggs this year.

The theme idea worked out great this year. I am lovin' me some gangsta and astro bunnies.

Our lovely host family. Need I say more?

Somebunny and his chicks.

Kenz and Brig's hat theme was Angry Birds. Oh, and a princess, too.

Such lovely wimmens.

The menfolk, preening and prancing.

Ham and Eggs. Such funsters.

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lacy lee said...

Just what I've been waiting for!

I remember this one easter as a girl that we ate at long tables in your living room. You'd made each child a cake egg and frosted it with our names. It made me feel so special! One of your specialties, I think (both the egg-making and the making nieces feel special). :)