Monday, December 20, 2010

s. claus

I know this guy personally. And it's true what they say, he is a jolly sort. Sometimes. And he does work hard at making everyone's dreams come true. Nice fellow, that Santa.

We all took a turn. jlw reports he's been a regular GB.

Megs reports she's been extra good. What with pulling off a new baby and graduating Santa promises an extra candy cane in her stocking.

And this little lady. We heard her sing in church today. Still sings like a bird and a good mom. She gets an extra wink from the jolly one.

Santa took good notes. This gal is hoping for lots and lots of toys. Santa says not to worry, no problemo. He's got it covered.

Santa. Really. You are so hip and cool.

As always, more pics over at the Grandparentals.

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