Sunday, December 26, 2010

gifting from the heart

Around 3 am I ran out of wrapping paper. Bummer. Used it all up on the grandkids presents (don't go there, ld). Resorted to using newspaper and leftover scraps. So notice on the right ld's pile of gifts for me - the unwrapped boxes, next to my white trash wrapped gifts. Made for each other, eh?

But! in one of those unwrapped boxes from ld was this:

Yup. An Ipad for me. Inscribed, no less.
Oh, and ld gave me some cool tighty spandex biker pants along with other thoughtful gifts (like the new Mark Twain) Is he the best, or what?


Megs said...

can't wait to see the new ipad! ;)

and i think the wrapping job is classy. :)

lacy lee said...

Love the wrapping! I actually got two of the new Mark Twain, which is distinctly less exciting than getting one, it turns out.

I heard LD was up till midnight fixing everybody's mac. Wish I was there!

Merry Christmas!