Monday, December 27, 2010

lifestyle of a princess

Despite all best efforts this child is princess obsessed. For Christmas ld and I caved and gave her a dress up trunk full of princess dresses, shoes, crowns, jewels and sceptors. She was overjoyed, thrilled.

But I couldn't go down without a fight. I also put in other career options. I made some dress up cowgirl stuff (in honor of her heritage), a chef's hat and apron, and a nurse outfit. She finally consented to try on the nurse outfit after I showed her there were real bandaids in the pocket and a life-like but harmless syringe (left over from my teeth bleaching:). Then suddenly everyone had Owies and it was cool to be a nurse.

Tucked in the trunk was also this little gem:

I remember this book from when I was a child. I loved it then and found it online. It's dated, but such a sweet book. I get the attraction of the pink princess world, I really do. And maybe, (a big maybe) it has it's value. But being smart, brave and resourceful (as opposed to passive, dependent and air-heady pretty) is such a cooler thing to grow up to be. Even when pretending.

Oh. Did I tell you we also gave her a princess sleeping bag and back pack and some princess dolls? Shut up.


BGomer said...

"You're a bum" and they didn't get married after all.--Paper Bag Princess

lacy lee said...

I fought against the princess thing for so long w/ Peeps. I don't know how it happened, but Disney reached out and grabbed her anyway. So, I just sort of let them.

She always wants a princess story before bed, so I usually inject it full of feminist morals and practical advice. You know, hoping for some kind of balance. Sigh.