Saturday, May 22, 2010

friday pics

For Mother’s day ld gave me a new Canon EOS. Yup, I have joined the ranks of every other blogger in the universe who thinks they are a photographer as opposed to my lovely nieces who really are. They are phenomenal professional photographers. I am not.

Yes, I make no pretenses in knowing what I am doing. And until I can take Chea’s workshop, I’m on my own. Yesterday Kenz and her fam consented to be my subjects.

I can’t take credit for the color scheme. Kenz chose it, she did a great job, eh?

In this photo I tried to set the mood. I asked Brig to look ‘through the camera’ like he was looking 300 miles away. (Tip courtesy of America’s Next Top Model, he he he)

Timeless. I told them to look timeless. As opposed to trendy.

Conduct a searing soul search, guys. Only Maddie takes me at my word.

In this one I told them to contemplate the qualities of wind.

I told Kenz to look all Mona Lisa like:

In this one I told Cate to pretend to be an ice cream cone and melt.

Great fun searching my subjects soul. They dug deep.

More pics to follow. If I show progress as a photographer ld has promised me another lens.

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