Tuesday, April 20, 2010

potty talk

Yesterday afternoon. The first piano lesson of the day.

9 year old piano student: Oh, I am so hot. I ran all the way here. I need some water or something.

She gulps down the glass of water I hand her.

9 year old piano student: Thanks, a lot. Oh, I am so hot.

Me: Well cool yourself down. Sit down and—

9 year old piano student: (She blurts out) Can I use your bathroom?

Me: ‘Course.

Minutes later she returns to the piano bench.

9 year old piano student: Guess what?

(Before I can guess she informs me): I have constipation.

Me: Really. Well, well.

9 year old piano student: Yup, I have to take mineral oil for it.

Me: Oh. Well. (I couldn’t resist). How is that working out for you?

9 year old piano student: Not too well. I have to like sit on the toilet for like an hour a day.

Me: Start your scales, Hadley.


lacy lee said...

Ha ha. Well, Lucy has this same issue. And what do you know? Her doctor prescribed the same mineral oil treatment!!

katers said...

I hope you don't mind me looking in on your blog Sister Walker! I found the link from Meghan's.

This post made me laugh so hard! Mostly because it has me wondering what ridiculously embarrassing things I ever did at your house....I'm sure there were many.

And I wanted to say that I admire you. I've loved reading about all of the sweet things you do for your family, and how much love you have for each member of it. I have also enjoyed reading your other posts....how much you have to say that is of worth, and not just "stuff". You are a good example of what a woman, mother and grandmother should be. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. :)