Sunday, April 4, 2010

hotel sewing

ld had his annual work conference at Zion's again. I tagged along, only this year I brought my sewing machine. Yup. I sewed while ld attended meetings. I finished these bunny slippers. I wish the pic were clearer. I'll post a better one when I can sneak them off Cate's feet.

You should make them. They are ridiculously easy. The free pattern found here:
I made them into bunnies, but you could turn them into any animal really.

I wanted to make Cate a barnyard play mat for Easter. I cut up an old tablecloth and came up with a mud hole, corral, pond and garden (complete with carrots). The barn bag holds all her little animals along with the mat.

The only thing missing is a tractor. When I find one cheap and small enough, I'll add that.

Cate loves it. Makes me happy.

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