Saturday, February 6, 2010

my saturday share

You will like this site, I think.
As a result of reading around I found new sites to be very excited about. (Courtesy Michelle Glauser's blog)

Oxford University offers free podcasts

and this:

and finally this. The most beautiful libraries in the world. The last one shown I will be visiting sometime later this year. Yippee!


Lacy E. (as in Eloise, formerly Lee) said...

You're going to DC this year!? Lucky you! I do have to warn you, though. Library of Congress was high on my list of things to see. But once we got there, it turned out you can't get into where the actual books are unless you've broken through all this red tape before hand.

I ended up dubbing it the National Disappointment.

Megs said...

I worked at the Family History Library with Michelle Glauser.

Megs said...

and can I PLEASE go to DC with you??