Monday, February 22, 2010

maddie sue

She's here. Arrived 2/21/10 at 12:25 am. Weighed in at 6 lbs 2 oz. Has Kenzie's delicate, sweet face. We are thrilled.
And her mother? Doing fine. After enduring what in hindsight can only be described as a very, very hard (physically and emotionally) pregnancy she gets the medal for one tough and resilient little lady. The delivery turned scary as Doctors rushed in preparing for a c-section. But awesome Kenz, being highly motivated and sensing the urgency of a torn placenta and cord problem, pushed her out in 3 pushes. Well done, Bird. Here's to better days!

Being Grandy is a great gig. Man, I love my daughters and grand-daughters.

As always, more pics coming over at The Grandparentals.


LacyLee said...

I was wondering about this! Congrats to Kenz and Fam! Yeah for babies!

Dana said...

Oh wow, good job Kenz! You have adorable grand-babies.