Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bogeyman birds

For weeks now I have been hearing this tap tap tapping coming from what sounds like my bedroom wall. I thought it might be the neighbors fixing the fence. Could not figure it out. Every morning , this hammering sound. Last week, Kenz happened to be by the side of the house and reported ,“There’s a bunch of birds, hanging around, looks like they’re pecking at the foundation of the house.”

Oh. No. More birds. She reminded me of the last time we had a run in with birds. Some years back, 3 birds came in the house through the dryer vent. Two flew out rather easily when we opened the front door, but the other hung out in the downstairs bookshelves. It was quite the ordeal trying to shoo him out, particularly since my girls are big wimps. They covered their heads with blankets and crept up fearfully toward the bird and then screamed wildly and flailed about every time the bird so much as twitched. Course, I wasn’t much braver. I just mainly barked instructions and came up with bird shooing strategies. We were mercifully helped out by two of my piano students who could barely contain their excitement. Took most of their piano lesson to get Bird #2 out. Eventually, pesky bird #3 found himself locked in the computer room where he strangled himself in the blinds. But not before he pooped all over ld’s computer. After that, ld put a screen over the dryer vent.

So now, I am trying not to overreact, even though birds are ancestors of dinosaurs, don’tcha know? And they are trying to get me, I am sure of it. This morning I snuck out early and saw for myself. They are pecking at the attic vent above my bedroom. Mr. Google says it’s fairly common for birds to build nests there.

I don’t want to kill the little birdies, as a prophet has spoken out against that, * but I am off to Walmart to buy a super soaker. I am on the case.

*(Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, May 1978, pp. 47–48).

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