Wednesday, November 18, 2009

because my commitment could use a reminder

My kids will recognize this story. I used to quote it fairly often while they were growing up. It supposedly originated from Winston Churchill.

One recalls the words of the late Dean LeBaron Russell Briggs of Harvard when a student told him that he had not finished an assignment because he was not feeling very well. The Dean replied, “I think that in time you may perhaps find that most of the work of the world is done by people who aren’t feeling very well.”

and in the same vein, this:

When I hear someone say they can’t serve because they don’t feel well, I remember a stake I once visited in Mexico. The stake president spoke about a lesson he learned from his wife. He said that a week before the conference, he had scheduled some home teaching visits but came home from work and didn’t feel well. He told his wife that he guessed he wouldn’t go home teaching because he was sick. Her reply to him was, “Go sick!” And he went.
Burton Howard, “Commitment,” Ensign, May 1996, 27

Guess I'll be visiting teaching today after all.

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