Monday, November 3, 2008

weird sunday

Right before the Sacrament was passed to me yesterday I felt a tap on my shoulder. A sister whispered to me that the handicap toilet in the women’s bathroom had plugged up and was close to running over and did I know where the plunger was?

I will spare you all my thoughts as I energetically plunged a smelly mess, with this sister standing over me offering instruction. “Don’t get anything on your self” she said encouragingly when the cheapo plunger turned inside out with nearly every thrust. And I appreciated her helpful and optimistic comments regarding how lucky we were that the church had toilet paper that easily disintegrated. Ugh. Shoot me now.

To add to the day's weirdness, a sister in RS had a baby that kept crying. I was teaching the lesson and slightly annoyed. I’m thinking, Sheesh, take your baby out will ‘ya? Finally after enduring many pointed stares from those around her, she gets the message and stands up. It was only when she walked directly in front of me that I noticed her baby wasn’t a baby at all but a lifesize doll. This woman brought a doll to RS. One that bawls like a real baby.

It’s days like this that make me feel like I never left Blythe.


Anonymous said...

Okay, that is the best story I've ever heard. I'm gonna tell Pam to take her Chatty Cathy doll next Sunday.

Dana said...

Seriously? That is weird. Is this the first time the doll has been to church? There are so many questions.

Lacy E. (as in Eloise, formerly Lee) said...

Oh, I love it!