Friday, November 28, 2008

turkey trot

I did it in under an hour! Yup, I ran 4 miles in 56 minutes. Now you can all stop laughing, I know how slow that is. I know, people. But considering where I was when I started in August, it is kind of an achievement for me. As much as I would try I couldn’t seem to come under 63 minutes when timing myself, so I was thrilled with 56 minutes. Yeah, baby! The trick must have been Meghan slowing up at the end to run with me and push me. (Megs, can’t thank you enough)

I only had two goals: I just wanted to finish and I wanted to run the whole way, so I feel great. Not smug, mind you, as there was no smugness around yesterday. ‘Cause for all our previous A.S.S. sputtering and boasting and teasing there were no egos involved. Just everyone in the fam being incredibly supportive. Lacy and Penee yelling words of encouragement along the way, and HB, after already finishing, jogging back the running route to see where Megs and I were. I think he thought I had died along the way.

I was proud of myself and proud of everyone else, too. Thanks for all your encouragement (particularly Linds, Kenz and Megs, love you ladies)

This event has made me think about how far I’ve come and where I would like to go. That's always a good thing.


Dana said...

Good job to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Comment deleted by the author because if I write it you will delete it anyway. So there! I used to walk 3 miles a day and also had a facebook account and used to comment on blogs, but not anymore. I never did play the accordian, though. JLA

cs said...

You weenie. I explained why I deleted your comment. And you forgot to mention that you walked 3 miles, in the snow no less. And uphill all the way.

Channy said...

I am jealous! I wish I had the self discipline to just run to the mailbox! We were in Utah for the holiday. I wish I would have come to support the fam.

Anonymous said...

new post please