Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday funsters

This is how fun ld and I are. We spent the day stamping money (by ‘we’ of course I mean ld), cleaning up the mess made from my baby burp cloth making, and did a little shopping (ala Costco and Walmart).

We also bought some new super absorbant towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Ld and I both agree that the towels are very nice. Whoo Whee, it’s come to this. New towels are the highlight of our middle aged day. But (!) just when I thought (yawn) that the day could not get anymore ordinary and ho hum, the internet comes through yet again. Look what I found:

Totally awesome. Towels as a creative medium.

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Megs said...

Now i have found meaning in life. Ha! those things are SOO rad! I know what craft projects I'm doing now.