Saturday, May 25, 2013

we celebrate

We had a surprise birthday party for Jiao last night. Only it wasn't a surprise.

I know, I know. I have a pathological weakness for blurting out secrets, due entirely to my brothers and their self-fulling prophecy projected on me.  When I was 10 or so they saddled me with the label 'Aunt Blabby', as punishment for all the ratting on them, I'm sure.  Naturally then, living up to years of familial expectations, Aunt Blabby invited Jiao to her own surprise party.

Despite her lack of surprise, we had a great time, with most of the extended fam attending.

Make a Wish

Love it. Her first maternity top.

Junk in the Trunk game

Another Minute to Win it game

Cake a'blazin

Party Games

The cake. Inspired by all the flowering trees we saw in China. 
When I first walked in with the cake, Jiao exclaimed, "Oh, it's Asian themed". Yes! 

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Fat panda said...

Hehe it is the best birthday party for me. Lots of surprises!!! ^_~