Saturday, May 11, 2013

great wall recap

I finally found all 3 of my memory cards. I dropped one in between my piano keys and ld had to take a portion of it apart to help me retrieve it. BE YE NOT SO STUPID,  don't put your memory card on the ledge of your piano.

Trying to find all my pictures and having Kenzie and family move in with us for an interim has delayed my blogging about our trip.

I took nearly 800 pictures or so. Don't worry, people. I will spare you.

A selective few, then:

Inside the great wall.

It goes on forever.

Despite the language barrier, look who became fast friends. 
Suqing and ld.

 Jiao's dad, Tieing  and JLW.

It was some kind of holiday on the day we visited the Great Wall, hence the crowds.

Two old fart American tourists. 

So happy to finally meet these two. Jiao's parents are wonderful. We can't thank them enough for all their hospitality. We love them.

The path off the Great Wall. Here I am poking ld, telling him to take off his glasses and smile straight.

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Fat panda said...

last time i went to different direction of badaling great wall, the view wasn't as good as yours, good choice!!