Tuesday, September 4, 2012

today's read

Penee gave me a copy of these last night. Thanks for the share. As promised, Megs, here's the links:


I could describe many of the events of Joseph Smith's life, but I couldn't explain the thing that really mattered: why it all worked.

then this:

"The constants of the universe were shaped by our distant descendants, who engineered the collapsing universe to restart," Bradley said, then asked incredulously, "He thinks this is more likely than God?"

and this:

"The questions we ask largely determine the kinds of answers we find," Bradley said. "I had pushed the cynical interpretation as far as it could go, tried to explain as much as I could using that model, only to find the model ultimately deficient. It could not explain the spiritual power of Joseph Smith and of the faith he founded...I have no doubt, on historical grounds alone, that Joseph Smith is vastly bigger than the cynical caricature of him and that he was a sincere seeker after truth and a magnanimous soul."

The other article:


Loving the idea of finally coming from a place of humility and complete vulnerability willing our mind to shush. Because as she puts it: Sometimes the heart and the mind don't learn at the same pace.

Let's Sunday-dinner discuss, shall we?

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