Thursday, September 27, 2012

FAO Schwarz eat your heart out

Let's see, FAO wants 80 bucks. Mine came under 6 bucks because the felt was on sale.

I have wanted to make a giant felt world map for a long time. When Kenzie told me she would be teaching an Around the World unit in preschool, I volunteered. It’s not quite finished yet, I have many other details I want to add. Also, it’s huge, bigger than my dining room table and designed to hang on the wall or played with on the floor.

Found the international children and flags from Kizclub online and the other symbols from random clip art sites. I backed them with sticky back felt.

Still need to add some Islands and Antartica but it’s been great traveling to other countries, even if it is only by way of felt.


Megs said...

It turned out awesome!! What a fun thing to have!

Mackenzie Sue said...

this is awesome.