Saturday, July 28, 2012

i saw wicked. thanks, megs.

Last Christmas Megs surprised me with a ticket to see Wicked with her when it came to SLC in July. In April, when it looked like our plan would be de-railed, she promised me that in spite of her move to Wisconsin she would fly back so we could see it together.

Late last Friday night she and her little family flew in.


Saturday night a Bratt/Weenie roast at Kenzie's.

Sunday chuchin', Faye attended my nursery class and Jiao prepared a most delicious Asian meal.

Monday night an Arnett extended family BBQ/swim party.

In between all the above we crammed playtime with the babies, visiting, shopping, eating, etc. But the culminating event Megs and I were most looking forward to was Tuesday evening. As luck would have it, around 4:30 Meghan started feeling sick to her stomach and having big D. (TMI, I know) She was pale and miserable. Around 5:00 when it became increasingly apparent that she was not going anywhere, I suggested we could catch the show another time, in another city. No, she said. I want you to go. Kody reassured me he would take care of her and put the kids to bed.

A little after 5:00 I went into the bathroom to check on her again. There was my sweet Megs sitting on the toilet with a big bucket on her lap, all washed out and clammy from throwing up. I know, I know, TMI again. I asked her again if I should go and she nodded. Reluctantly, I kissed the top of her head, grabbed my keys and headed down to Spanish Fork to pick up Jiao.

So as the fates would have it, it was Jiao and I who watched Wicked mesmerized and amazed.

And it was with incredible sadness that I received texts from Megs during intermission asking me how it was, and how sad she was she couldn't be there with me.

There's life for you. What can you do? Except look at unplanned situations, unwanted circumstances and unexpected detours and ask, What can I make of this? Sometimes there's something and sometimes not. It is what it is. Or as Kenzie frequently tells Cate "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit".

Turns out Wicked is coming next June to Milwaukee and May in Madison. We'll be there at one or the other.

Even though things didn't go exactly as planned I wouldn't trade their visit for anything. It was one more opportunity to see them, be with them, love them in person. That's really all that matters.

They flew out the next day. Happy to report Megs is feeling much better:)

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Fat panda said...

I felt so bad and sorry for Meghan. It should Meghan watched the amazing Wicked show with mom, but I became the substitute. The show is great but mom really worried about Meghan. For mom's happy, Meghan told mom go to watch the show. Even she was so sick and still waiting for mom got home. Mom and children's love is great!