Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a hot americana

JLW and Jiao joined me for the parade downtown. I'm not into camping overnight to secure a spot so we took what we could find. Wasn't too bad but like I said it was hot and sunny and we had all forgotten hats. Janny, smart person that he is, grabbed a file folder I had in my big purse and fashioned himself this:

Voila. The man is a genius.

I tried to imagine what all the noise and colors and hoopla must look like to Jiao, seeing this all for the first time. I explained to her that all across America, in towns and cities large and small, parades were happening.

I hadn't been to this parade for a few years, but seeing it again, hot as it was, made me all nostalgic.

I have a good life in a great country.

Oh, and this. Because it's the 4th and because Andy died a few days ago which makes me so sad. I grew up watching this sweet and hilarious show.

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Fat panda said...

Thank you so much for doing all things to me. When I got there I just knew how many people in there and how difficult to found our nice view place. I'm sorry you and Janny got sunburned, my skin is dark so that's not easy to get sunburn just got darker. But Janny's arms almost well done:P I like the grand parade, it looks so american style to me. Happy birthday to USA!