Tuesday, April 24, 2012

it's tough

I've been bawling on and off for weeks now. Today was the worst. I sobbed all the way home from the airport.
Don't know how I'm going to do this loving by distance thing. Not being able to have my loved ones near, to hold them, kiss them, it makes my heart hurt. The only thing that makes all this easier for me is knowing that in saying goodbye, ld and I are giving a great gift to the world out there. Wisconsin now claims a special little family.
I'm not thinking my situation is unique, lots of mothers deal with separation and I know that it's time that I put my big girl panties on and quit with all the weepiness. And I will. All in good time. For now, I worry that Faye will forget us. Please remember Faybee that somewhere in a far off state there is a Grandpa and Grandma who love and miss you so much.
And Emmer, we will miss cooing and gooing to you. Peek...
a.... Boo!
God be with you as we let you go knowing full well that He most certainly is. Remember,too:

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The coolest fat panda said...

you are a very talented grandma, as Cate said "grandma, you are the best!" I think the children in our family will always love you and miss you... I like dad's glasses and his smile ;)