Monday, April 9, 2012

eggstravaganza recap

The tradition of donning silly hats and prancing around lives on.

It's not every family that can juxtapose the Hunger Games with Easter, but the LDA family is nothing short of creative.

Who needs an Easter bunny when you can have a horse? Next year Penee promises to resurrect the Gorilla costume. Because bunnies, chicks and lambies are so lame.

Yoda and Jackie-o showed up, too.

And let's see what have we got here? Hmm. A Jane Austen bonnet, some international bears, a ladybug, some grass and a Ascot/royal creation.

Seriously, folks. Grandma Ethel would be so proud.

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Devry said...

I've been anxiously waiting for these pictures. Thanks for posting so quickly. If I had to wait for Dana, I would be waiting for at least a year. Thanks!